Mississippi Locksmiths Association, Inc.


DRAFT BY-LAWS (Crated February 12, 2012)


This organization shall be known as Mississippi Locksmiths Association, Inc.



Section 1: The purpose of this Association shall be to promote and further the interests of the locksmith craft in Mississippi.

Section 2: The Association pledges to unite its efforts; to give maximum security to the public; to give moral, social and public support to fellow locksmiths; to encourage the exchange of technical information with the aid of manufactures and distributors; whenever called upon for such help and to strive for the public respect for the locksmith occupation.




A. Membership shall consist of as many persons as qualified and are interested in the purpose of the Association. Minimum age for membership shall be sixteen (16) years for all members. Spouses of locksmith members shall be eligible for full active membership by virtue of their marital status provided them meet all other requirements and  pay dues in their own names.

B. No individual convicted of a felony charge shall be eligible for membership. Any application for membership of a person awaiting trial on a felony charge will be held pending disposition of charges. Any member who has been convicted of a felony is subject to forfeiture of membership.


A. Active

B. Associated

C. Honorary

D. Life

E. Apprentice


A. Two years of experience qualification for active membership. Age requirement reduced to 16 years but to be admitted on an apprentice basis with no voting power and properly sponsored by an active member. They shall be admitted to voting active membership after two years apprenticeship.

B. Membership shall be in the name of the individual member and shall be evidence by a card bearing his or her signature and membership number.

C. Application for membership must be accompanied by the application, plus a $15.00 registration fee and the first year’s prorated dues and shall be submitted to the secretary for transmission to the membership committee for their consideration. If applicant is approved said committee, he or she will be voted on by active members at the next regular meeting. If not accepted for membership, initiation fee and dues will be returned.


Any person engaged in supply or manufacturing for the lock, safe, alarm and hardware industry may apply for membership. They shall enjoy all privileges of active membership except for the right to vote and hold office.


A. Any person who has performed some distinguished service In the field of locksmith industry or to his community and who is not actively engaged in the business, may be proposed for membership. They shall be exempt from all due.

B. Honorary membership may be issued at the direction of the president and the Board of Directors.


A. Any person who has performed some distinguished service to the locksmith industry and this organization and who is or was actively engaged in the locksmith or alarm business may be proposed for life membership. They shall enjoy all the privileges of the Association and shall be exempt from yearly dues.

B. Life membership may be issued at the direction of the President and the Board of Directors. There will be no more than one per.


Apprentice members have rights of active members except having no voting rights and cannot hold

office in the organization. Apprentice members will be upgraded to full membership status at the end

of the two-year requirement.



Section 1: The affairs of the Association shall be managed by the Board of Directors.

Section 2: The Board of Directors shall consist of eight members. These shall be the six (6) officers of the Association plus two (2) elected members-at-large and after the first year, the retiring President shall serve on the Board of Directors until replaced by an immediate past President, as an ex-officio non-voting member. No more than two

(2) members of the Board of Directors shall be from the same firm.

Section 3: A Quorum of the Board of Directors shall be five (5) members.

Section 4: The Board of Directors shall have control of the funds and property of the Association. It shall authorize the execution of all leases, contracts, and other papers necessary or proper. It shall hold such meetings as may be required for the fulfillment of its duties, keeping correct minutes thereof.

Section 5: The Board of Directors shall exercise general supervisory authority over the officers and members of the Association, being empowered to remove from office or to discipline in such a manner as may be determined upon by them, any such officer or member as may have charges preferred against him before the Board, or against whom charges are preferred on their own initiative; provided that a fair, impartial hearing must be granted such an officer or member and that no officer or subjected to discipline except by a vote or the majority of active members present at the next regular meeting.

Section 6: In the event of the death, removal or resignation of an officer, the vacancy so created shall be filled by the Board of Directors as soon as possible thereafter.

Section 7: The Board of Directors shall appoint a Special Auditing Committee who shall audit the books of the Association when deemed necessary and at least once yearly. A report of such audit shall be made to the general membership.



Section 1: OFFICERS of this Association shall consist of:

A. President

B. First Vice-President

C. Second Vice-President

D. Secretary

E. Treasurer

F. Sgt. At Arms


Any active member in good standing shall be eligible for office in the Association provided, however, that no member shall hold two (2) elective offices at the same time.


All officers shall be elected by a majority vote of the membership in attendance at the general membership meeting each year. Officers will remain in office until a successor is elected and installed.


A. The President shall preside at all meetings of the general membership and the Board of Directors. The President shall perform all the usual duties incidental to that office and suggest such action to the Board of Directors as may be deemed likely to increase the usefulness of the Association. The President votes only in the event of a tie vote and shall countersign all checks.

B. The First Vice President shall attend all meetings and shall, in the absence of the president, preside and perform the duties of the President and shall also be chairman of the Membership Committee.

C. The Second Vice President shall assist the President in properly conducting meetings and shall be chairman of the Training and Education Committee.

D. The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all meetings and shall be responsible for handling appropriately and promptly all correspondence, applications, etc., maintaining proper files of same, and shall maintain an up-to-date roster of members’ names, addresses, payment of dues and attendance at meetings, notifying all concerned of any irregularities of same.

E. The Treasurer shall record disbursements of the Association upon the instructions of the Board of Directors and maintain a file of receipts, and shall be authorized to countersign all checks along with the President, and shall prepare an accurate and concise financial report to be presented at all Board of Directors and general membership meetings and have records up to date for auditing at the close of his or her term of office.

F. The Sargent-at-Arms shall attend and be responsible for maintaining order at all meetings and shall make necessary arrangements for the proper seating of members and guests at meetings. It shall be his or her duty to see that the flag of the United States is uncovered prior to the start of each meeting and shall carry out any other instructions which the President may, from time to time, issue to him or her pertaining to the proper conduct of all meetings.



Section 1: One general membership meeting to be held in the fall of each year, at which time election of officers will be held in compliance with Article V.

Section 2: Special meetings of the Association may be called by the President on written request of twenty members in good standing subject to the approval of and by direction of the Board of Directors. Notice of the time, place and subject of such meeting shall be mailed to each member in good standing at least fifteen days prior to the date thereof. Only questions for which the special meeting was called may be presented at same.

Section 3: Each active member of the Association not in default of payment of dues shall be entitled to attend any regular or special meeting and to cast one vote, in person, on any question presented to such meeting.

Section 4: Ten (10) percent of the active members of the Association in good standing, present in person, shall constitute a quorum at any regular or special meeting. Any legitimate question presented to such a meeting shall be decided by the majority of those present in good standing, unless a specific vote is required by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association.

Section 5: At any regular, special, or Board of Directors meeting, the order of business shall be as follows:

A. Reading of the minutes

B. Report of President

C. Report of Secretary

D. Report of Treasurer

E. Unfinished business

F. Elections

G. New Business



Section 1: The President, immediately following his election, shall appoint the following standing committees, which shall remain in effect during the President’s respective term of office; or replaced by a substitute.

A. THE MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE shall meet at least once each quarter. All membership applications shall be immediately reviewed by the committee, whose duty shall be to carefully examine the character of the applicant, verify the statements made in the application and report thereon to the membership at the next regular meeting.

B. THE PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE shall explore and develop methods of promoting knowledge of security hardware and interest in the Association and locksmith industry among members and public at large.

C. THE TRAINING AND EDUCATION COMMITTEE shall invite prominent speakers and inform the Association from time to time as to all matters affecting the members and their trade.

Section 2: SPECIAL OR TEMPORARY COMMITTEES may be appointed by the President or the Board of Directors as need arises.



Section 1: DUES

A. Dues for active, apprentice, and associate members shall be $60.00 per year, prorated at $5.00/month and set by the Board of Directors. Dues and payable by January 1st. of each year. All dues cards will expire on December 31 of the year they are issued unless additional years have been paid.  Yearly dues for the Secretary, Treasurer, News Letter Editor, and Web Administrator will be wavered.

B. Applicants elected to membership during any month shall pay dues on a pro-rated basis.

C. Any member who shall fail to pay his or her dues within ninety (90) days of due date shall be declared in arrears and notified by mail. If not paid within thirty (30) days, his or her name shall be referred to the Board of Directors for appropriate action.

Section 2: APPLICATION FEES for new membership shall be $15.00 plus appropriate dues, prorated/month as set by the Board of Directors.



The Constitution and By-Laws of this Association may be amended or altered by a two-thirds vote of members present at an authorized meeting provided written notice of proposed amendment has been furnished to the members by means of mailing, emailing, or posting on the web site at least twenty-one (21) days prior to the meeting date.



Unless otherwise provided for by the Constitution and By-Laws of this Association, the rules laid down by Robert’s Rules of Order shall prevail at all meetings.



The official organ of the Association is a newsletter with the title of "Mississippi Locksmiths" All notifications of meetings, proposed members, publication of dues, treasurerís reports, and any other newsworthy event will be  Emailed to members and posted on the official Mississippi Locksmiths web site.  The editor of this newsletter will be appointed by the President and approved by the Board of Directors.



In the event of liquidation or dissolution of the Association, any and all assets remaining after payment of all debts, shall be distributed to a public or charitable agency, and no portion of said assets shall be distributed to members.